Area Attractions

Black Mesa Winey
The Gas Museum
Sugar's Diner
Vivac Winery
The Blue Heron Brewery
Taos Fly Fishing
The Ghost Ranch

Horseback Riding
River Rafting
Dixon Co-op
Zuly's Restaurant
Chiripada Winery
Ojo Caliente Hot Springs

Rio Grande National Monument
Sugar Nymphs in Penasco
Truchas Artist Co-op
Ranch de Chimayo Restaurant
Sanctuario de Chimayo
Santa Fe

A Base for Local Excursions

If you don't want to just hang out in 'God's Country', the excursion possibilities from the Ranch are multitude and very flexible, depending on your interests. For example;
  • On the way up to the Ranch from Santa Fe, you could have dinner at El Paragua in Espanola and then visit the Vivac Winery near Dixon before arriving at the Ranch to settle in.
  • On another day, after breakfast at the Ranch, you could take a hike out to the Velarde Lookout or the Dixon Lookout on La Mesita.
  • You could visit the Local Cooperative in Dixon, the Chiripada Winery and have dinner at Zuly's in Dixon.
  • In Embudo you can go for a tour of The Gas Museum and then to Sugar's Diner for barbeque or an awsome green chile cheeseburger.
  • You could spend a day or two in Taos, going up the High Road and back down the Low Road or vice versa.
  • You could spend a day or two in Santa Fe.
  • You could go horseback riding in Pilar and get a lesson in local fauna and geology while riding.
  • You could spend the day rafting the Rio Grande, including the 'Taos Box'.
  • Or you can combine horseback riding and river rafting in the same day of activity.
  • You can make a day of touring the Sanctuario de Chimayo, get some sacred dirt, and then have dinner at Rancho de Chimayo Restaurant.
  • You could set off on highway 75 for the High Road and stop at Sugar Nymphs in Penasco for Sunday brunch and then head down the High Road through Truchas and Chimayo on the way back to the Ranch.
  • You could enjoy a day at the Ojo Caliente Hot Springs.
  • You could spend a day touring Abiqui/Georgia O'Keefe country, visit the Ghost Ranch and the Monastery. Make sure and stop at Bodes on the way.
  • You can go golfing at Black Mesa or Taos Country Club


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The Ranch has been made into a wildlife habitat. There is a water feature with a wildlife pond that re-circulates rain catchment water with solar power, brush piles, etc. There is no hunting or trapping permitted. Prevalent wildlife includes; Various Birds, Coyote, Bobcat, Elk, and Deer. There is occasional evidence of Black Bear and Mountain Lion.
Deer at water feature captured by night vision camera